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Knee Pain

Symptoms of Knee Pain:

Knee pain can manifest in various ways, with symptoms that include:
  • Dull, aching pain

  • Sharp or stabbing discomfort

  • Swelling and inflammation

  • Limited range of motion

  • Instability or weakness in the knee

  • Grinding or popping sensations

  • Difficulty bearing weight on the affected knee

Causes of Knee Pain:

Knee pain can result from a variety of underlying conditions:
  • Osteoarthritis

    The gradual wearing down of cartilage in the knee joint, leading to pain and stiffness.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    An autoimmune condition that can cause inflammation and pain in the knee.

  • Tendonitis

    Inflammation of the knee tendons, often due to overuse or injury.

  • Meniscus tears

    Damage to the meniscus, a cushioning cartilage in the knee, can result in pain and limited mobility.

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome

    Discomfort around the patella (kneecap) due to factors like muscle imbalances.

  • Bursitis

    Inflammation of the bursae, which are small sacs that cushion the knee joint

  • Ligament injuries

    Injuries to the ACL, MCL, and other knee ligaments can lead to pain and instability.

Solutions for Knee Pain:

New York Pain Management Group emphasizes a non-invasive approach to treating knee pain. Our treatment options include:

Minimally-invasive procedures

The techniques used in minimally-invasive procedures provide powerful pain relief without the extensive recovery times associated with surgery. They pinpoint and resolve the specific factors responsible for your knee pain.

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Nerve blocks

Nerve blocks interrupt the pain signals responsible for your discomfort.

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Joint injections

Joint injections are tailored to address specific conditions and symptoms. While the choice of medication will depend on your condition and treatment goals, this treatment can reduce inflammation, provide joint lubrication, and more.

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Regenerative therapy

This treatment stimulates the natural healing process and regeneration of knee tissues, effectively alleviating conditions such as tendonitis and arthritis.

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Step Into a Knee Pain-Free Future

Knee pain doesn’t have to be a constant companion, limiting your mobility and hindering your daily activities. At New York Pain Management Group, we’re dedicated to helping you find effective solutions for knee pain that don’t involve surgery.

We All Deserve To Be Pain-Free:

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